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Welcome to the Eliminating Adult Acne Membership Site.

Here you’ll find all the information and knowledge you need to achieve great skin on a consistent basis which will enable you to regain your self esteem and confidence without the anxiety and restrictions of acne.

Curriculum – Simply click on the Curriculum tab and you will see each weeks videos released weekly as you progress through the course .This is to keep you on track and not get overwhelmed by having access to the entire 8 weeks worth of videos all in one go.

You are also required to print a list of Action Steps (PDF file) to complete each week. You need to tick off each of the tasks once you have completed that task or are completing it on a consistent basis.

Resources for each week are listed within the curriculum to make it really easy for you to source anything you need to be successful.

There is also an Optimal Timetable for each week, to show you where you should be on the programme if you are to achieve results in the quickest possible time. However, please note, that every body completes each stage at different speeds and the Optimal Timetable should be used purely as a guide.

Q&A’s – This is where you can access the Q&A’s, recordings will be available within 24 hours of the live Q&A. Please ensure you check the Q&A Page for the schedule and ensure you block out the times in your diary. These coaching calls will be crucial to your success and I urge you to make the most of the calls.

If you can’t make a Q&A but have a question please submit it before the Q and A using the round Message button at the bottom of the members area.

Private Member’s Facebook Page – Please use this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/921386558055021/ to invite yourself to The Eliminate Adult Acne Private Facebook Group. Use this group to connect with others on the program, share ideas/successes.

Referral Scheme – We also have a Referral Program for the Eliminate Adult Acne Programme. For anyone you refer (who isn’t currently on any of our programs) who invests in the Eliminate Adult Acne Programme you will receive £400 Referral Reward. Just get them to watch the webinar at http://skinwebinar.com and make sure they quote your name if they book a call. Any questions on this, please let me know.