About Leigh Brandon
Leigh is an author and holistic health expert with almost 30 years of experience working with clients. He cured his own severe cystic acne in the year 2000 through a combination of various teachers, the knowledge he gained, and personal experience, sparking his passion for health and wellness. Leigh has studied various disciplines, including holistic dermatology, nutrition, and functional medicine, to name a few, providing a holistic approach to his clients that has proven effective where other methods have failed.

Leigh has learned from world-renowned experts like Paul Chek, Bill Wolcott, and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and many more. He has also authored multiple books on acne, fitness, yoga, and sports injuries, as well as creating online coaching programs for health professionals and acne sufferers.

In 2022, Leigh started The Radical Health Rebel Podcast, focusing on health and wellness topics like skin health, gut health, and chronic pain and he started The Adult Acne podcast in 2024.

Passionate about continual learning and helping others, Leigh remains dedicated to his work and sharing his knowledge with those looking to eliminate their acne for good by uncovering and eliminating the root causes naturally and safely.

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